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How to make an Archive Order


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  • Richard Aitchison

    i need a response and not forwarded to a related article, is someone there, my request is for an Archive request. AOI: 911 SW 9TH STREET, FRUITLAND IDAHO 83619. DATE: 7/27/2021. TIME. 18:29 which i already purchased from you but i found more and there with and they have which is a Dove Classice (PS2) has the Following Same AOI, & DATE, and here areĀ  the times that i want to Purchase 4 Images from you. 18:29:17, 18:29:16, 18:29:15, & 18:29:14 can you verify if my request has gone through. Im just looking for some type of confirmation that you did receive my request. Im off today Thursday 1/4/24 and my next 2 days off are next Tuesday the 9th and Wed the 10th. Just respond and a good day that i can get a response. Im here to spend with You. Thank you Rick


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